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Drill bits for Stone&Metal&Wood

Drill bits for Stone/Metal/Wood

Drill bits for Stone/Metal/Wood

Hammer Drill Bits; Concrete Core Drill Bits; Masonry Drill Bits; Glass & Hard Tile Drill Bits SDS-plus Hammer Drill Bits with Professional ...

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Sutek Industries Manufacture-Packaging-Delivery

Manufacture & Packaging & Delivery

Manufacture & Packaging & Delivery

As a export-oriented drill bit enterprise, we are always firmly to control every packing details for good delivery ...

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Drill bits for Wood

Quality inspection & Technical indicator

Quality inspection & Technical indicator

Quality inspection is a must before delivery based on Sutek Quality Control Documents or Customer Request Documents...

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Latest Drill bits

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We Provide Multiple Standards & Specifications

International Standardization Organization

Multiple standards and specifications see our products.

Number of flutes cutters

2/3/4/5/6/7/8 Flute cutter ballnose, 2/3/4/5/6/7/8 Flute square end.

Responsive Design

30/45/55/118/135° Point Geometry.

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Our design is with responsive in mind. Our themes are compatible with various desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Amber Surfaces

Perfect plating Amber surface treatment for enhancing hardness and wear resistance, the hardness increased by about 10 times at most.

TiALN Surfaces

Perfect plating TiALN surface treatment for enhancing hardness and wear resistance, the hardness increased by about 15 times at most.

Quality Inspection

  • Visible Test

  • Visual by eye or loupe, marking must be clear readable.

  • Control colour of surface.

  • Control if surface is free of scratches and burrs.

  • Hardness Test

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  • Min ½ part of the flute must have a minimum hardness of HRC55, working parts should have to be based on the standard of each materials.

  • Take care that measuring point is in the middle of flute diameter (centrical position on the flute).

  • Specification Control

  • Measure the diameter at the furthest part of the major cutting edge.

  • Measure the thickness of the core of the drills.

  • measure the diameter of the reduced shaft.

  • Chemical Element Test

  • Measure the chemical elements on the flute or on the shank.

  • At least use spectrograph to test on both of tip and shank part.

  • Make sure before test, it can be grinded till be flat to have the available scanning area.