# Dia. Dec.Equ. Flute Length Shank DIA OAL. Number of Flutes
1 3.0mm 0.1181 33mm N/A 61mm N/A
2 4.0mm 0.1575 43mm N/A 75mm N/A
3 5.0mm 0.1969 52mm N/A 86mm N/A
4 6.0mm 0.2362 57mm N/A 93mm N/A
5 7.0mm 0.2756 69mm N/A 109mm N/A
6 8.0mm 0.3150 75mm N/A 117mm N/A
7 9.0mm 0.3543 81mm N/A 125mm N/A
8 10.0mm 0.3937 87mm N/A 133mm N/A
Other sizes as per customer request.

Product Description

  • Material: HSS (5% cobalt) Shank Diameter: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm Easy to process;
  • Premium Quality 5% Cobalt High Speed Steel M35 provides all drills long tool life;
  • Precision fully ground ensures chips moving smoothly, ultimate accuracy and performace;
  • Golden surface finish resists corrosion and increases the hardness of the drill bits;
  • 135-degree split point prevents "Walking", reduce logging, and penetrates hard material without a pilot hole.