Product List - Angle - 118°point

HSS Saw Drill Set 6pcs 3-8mm Titanium HSS Drill & Saw Bit Set

2018-09-01 00:04:06 Wood Drill Sets 2924 views

Scotic® Brand new and high quality. Longer life and durability. Suitable for thin wood,metal, plastic plates pull grooving. Made use of HSS high speed steel...

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Cobalt HSS Drill Bits & Drill Bit for Stainless

2018-08-29 23:21:21 HSS Twist Drills 1516 views

Withstands high-temperature applications for extended periods of time (up to 1,100 degreeF) Rigid, thick web design adds stability to bit in tough applications...

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M35 Cobalt Steel Extremely Heat Resistant Twist Drill Bits

2018-08-29 23:27:50 HSS Twist Drills 1593 views

Manufactured from M35 cobalt steel, with molybdenum and cobalt added to creates a hardened alloy, measuring Rockwell hardness up to 67, for much faster cutting...

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Cobalt HSS Drill Bits,Jobber Length

2018-08-29 23:35:12 HSS Twist Drills 1501 views

【5% COBALT | HIGH-SPEED-STEEL】: Classic High Speed Steel Construction With COBALT Coating For Proven Capability And Durability 【STRENGTH & DURABILITY】: Mad...

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MeHSS Fully Ground Drill Bits

2018-08-29 23:43:24 HSS Twist Drills 1488 views

M2 High Quality Material- High Speed Steel Extreme Durability and Long Life High Efficiency In Drilling Metals Flute Grinded For Better chips Removal For...

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HSS Stub Length Drill Bit for metal

2018-08-29 23:49:46 HSS Twist Drills 1591 views

Screw machine length, for rigidity and strength High-speed steel (HSS) for use on a wide variety of materials Uncoated (bright), for use with a wide range of...

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Titanium Coated HSS Stub Length Drill Bit

2018-08-29 23:52:58 HSS Twist Drills 1550 views

Titanium Coated to increase the hardness of the surface so as to be durable usage High-speed steel (HSS) for use on a wide variety of materials Uncoated (brig...

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HSS Long Length Drill Bit

2018-08-29 23:58:11 HSS Twist Drills 1565 views

Extra-length, for deeper holes 118-degree conventional point angles, for general drilling applications Round shanks, for use on a variety of tool-holding syst...

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HSS Twist Step Drills Straight Shank

2018-08-30 14:13:02 HSS Twist Step Drills 1598 views

Made specifically for Pocket-Screw Joinery. Specialized stepped bit drills guide hole for screw. High quiality hardened steel for longevity.

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Reduced Shank Drills

2018-08-30 14:46:18 Reduced Shank Drills 1643 views

Reduced shank drill bit has a shank that is smaller in diameter than its shaft, permitting drilling with a 1/2" drill chuck Designed for drilling low- and medi...

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