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Metal Drill Bits_Multi-cutter Drills

2018-08-30 14:34:44 Multi-Cutter Drills 1535 views

Multi-cutter designed for stainless perfect well. Withstands high-temperature applications for extended periods of time (up to 1,100 degree Rigid, thick web d...

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Reduced Shank Drills

2018-08-30 14:46:18 Reduced Shank Drills 1583 views

Reduced shank drill bit has a shank that is smaller in diameter than its shaft, permitting drilling with a 1/2" drill chuck Designed for drilling low- and medi...

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HSS Step Drills straight flute with Titanium coated

2018-08-30 14:57:26 HSS Step Drills 1607 views

Automatically Deburrs Holes as you Drill. Two-flute Design Gives You Faster, Smoother Cutting. Titanium Nitride Coating for Cooler Running, can effectively ext...

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HSS Spiral Flute Step Drills 3 Pcs set

2018-08-30 15:16:24 HSS Twist Drill Sets 1471 views

Made with HSS6542/HSS M35/HSS4341 Shank Type:Triangle shank; Type:Spiral groove Shank diameter: 10mm(0.39'') for 4-32; 8mm(0.31'') for 4-20; 6mm(1/4'') for 4-...

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3Pcs Step Drill Bits Set Titanium Coated HSS Spiral Grooved Cone Drill Bits

2018-08-30 15:52:14 HSS Step Drills 1610 views

Fit:Works on plastic, wood and most metals, including steel, brass, aluminum and copper. Material: High speed steel titanium plating for longer service life....

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HSS Taper Shank Drills

2018-08-30 16:22:02 Taper Shank Drills 1474 views

Quality HSS M2 ensures sharp, fast in any material, offers good hardness, toughness, wear resistance Premium Heat treated HRC63-66 is durable and can withstand...

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HSS Taper Shank Drill Bit

2018-08-30 16:25:33 HSS Twist Drill Sets 1678 views

Quality HSS M2 ensures sharp and fast execution in any material for clean results Premium Heat treated black oxide is durable and withstand heavy duty operatio...

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5pcs CobaltHSS Twist Drill Sets

2018-08-30 16:30:45 HSS Twist Drill Sets 1334 views

Material: HSS (5% cobalt) Shank Diameter: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm Easy to process. Durable in use. Wear resistance, high temperature resistant.

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Cobalt HSS Twist Drill Set 8Pcs

2018-08-30 16:40:16 HSS Twist Drill Sets 1438 views

  • Material: HSS (5% cobalt) Shank Diameter: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm Easy to process;
  • Premium Quality 5% Cobalt High Speed St...

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8pcs Titanium Coated HSS Twist Drill Sets

2018-08-30 16:45:14 HSS Twist Drill Sets 1286 views

Package Includes: 8pcs x Twist Drill Bits 8pcs titanium coated drill bits, High speed steel, Durable. Titanium coating facilitates faster penetration with les...

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